Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weeramantry Festschrift

Warning dry legal content

Google alerts came up trumps for me this morning. With this link to a festschrift for esteemed jurist and one of my hero's Christopher Weeramantry. I knew Weeramantry for his decisions as a Judge of the International Court of Justice on the Legality of Nuclear Weapons and the development of the jurisprudence on Sustainable Development. Then discovered his books during my later time at law school. He is above all a liberal humanist straining the law out of traditions, morals and practice when required.

A little quote, "the rights of future generations have passed the stage when they were merely an embryonic right struggling for recognition. They have woven themselves into international law through major treaties, through juristic opinion and through general principles of law recognised by civilised nations". Its great that material like this is freely available through Google Books.

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