Sunday, January 6, 2008

photos from the last couple of months

November/December and New Year

Had to look back at the calender to see what we've been up to, I have got so far behind with this blog. So will skim over some weekends and hopefully back fill with more detail later on sometime.. Nov 17/18th: Kauri Run

We did a premeditated mission to the Kauri Run...which is a hell of a long drive from Gizzy (about 7 hours). We arrived in the early hours of the morning at Waitete Bay north of Coromandel town. Neil had booked an amazing bach. The run was enjoyable sort of, I struggled through but managed to outsprint Neil, while Penny showed just how tough she is finishing 3rd. Man the top of the Coromandel is cool.

Nov 24/25th: Crash Course

This was my first delve into AR organising, it went down awesomely. We ended up with a crew of about 50 people of all shapes and sizes. We treated them firstly to some MTBO, town orienteering on google earth maps and kayaking the sulphuric features of the Rotorua Waterfront. Orion Health did an evening presentation and I dreamed up the first AR scenario exercise which went down a treat

Dec 1/2: Neils 30th

After the Crash Course Penny had a course in Akld for the week, so with Neils 30th conveniently the week after we headed up that way. An early highlight was a Waitaks run with James Bradshaw and the fortuitous discovery of Cowan Stream and a lovely tributary of the Paraha. The rest of the week sped past catching up with Megan, and Jamie also organised a free AR at Bucklands Beach. There was also some time spent up at Gardens. Neils 30th went down well the highlight been the indoor hockey, booze o and Brent falling off his bike and grazing the side of his face.

Dec 15th/16th Adventure Taupo

My first real AR as an organiser, wow possibly my last. Everything went real well but it was still really hard. People really loved it though and the course had some real adventure elements, incorporating a journey from Whakaipo Bay on Lake Taupo to the Pureora Forest Park. My favourite bits were the coasteer/swim around to Boat Harbour, which we had a Greenpeace boat patrolling, and the descent down the bush of Kakaho stream to the finish. Amazing experience for me as an organiser and lots of learning points.

Christmas/New Year

We both headed to our traditional places for New Year: Wanaka and Chch. Was the first year in Wanaka that Stan and Elsie no longer lived at Iron Lea so that was a bit different for the Kanes but Penny still loved catching up with the family. The Stewart christmas followed the traditional pattern and was as always interesting to see everyone again.

Jamie headed up to the pass with Aaron and Sara, and new arrival Karyn on Boxing day and had a lovely rainy trip through Goat Pass with Sa, La and Matt before Penny arrived. We had a great day trip up the Savannah Range and for Jamie a quick paddle down the Waimak gorge before we had to head back home. New Years was quiet with Penny working but we had a great white water kayak down the waioeka on the 2nd, with Penny very bravely following Jamie down a very interesting river with some tight little chutes.

Jan 5/6th: Waihi Beach We had planned to meet Danielle and Karl at Waihi Beach and so we did. Had never been here before, a pleasant tourist spot and the beach to the north which you can walk to is definitely worth a look. We hung around here for a day before cruising over to the DOC campsite at Dickeys flat upstream from Kgorge. Awesome little spot, free and with swimming hole and great running which pk and I made good use of. The next day we explored the old mining works a bit more and began the journey home.

Thats our holiday period in a nutshell, will post a few photo highlights. Lots of stuff coming up in the near future so stay posted.