Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rogaining with Bryn

I don't do many rogaines in Wellington, it is often too hilly, gorsy, roady and random for my liking (yeah harden up aye). Last night Bryn Davies and I managed to get out to Karori though and had a great Wednesday night suffer fest, 26km in just under three hours taking in Johnstones Hill, Otari/Wilton Bush and Wrights Hills on the way.

My main reason for blogging is to record the links to Bryn's GPS data, complete with maps, average speed, resting time, climb, etc. The wonders of technology!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

O Nationals 2011

Easter for us is Orienteering Nationals. The annual gathering of our community from around New Zealand. This year the location was in the limestone hills south east of Havelock North, the Maraeototara plateau. The event dodged a bullet when the storm of the century arrived as we were leaving.

As usual I wasn't fit and somehow Penny at least appeared to be. A great effort considering all the hard work she has been doing to get through her paeditatric exams. While I was down in the bottom half of the top ten, Penny stared with a 4th (long), 3rd (sprint) and a victory in the middle. She was successful then in defending last years title and became New Zealand's second most "winningest" elite woman with seven titles.

I had some good battles with the likes of Brent. I am definitely going to get fit now though (I am sure Brent will too;-)

Great times though and an awesome reminder (and kick up the bum) about the great friendships and times we have had in orienteering, long shall they last.