Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beyond the Political

And up on the hills. I went geo-caching with an old friend Mark Hudson, who is addicted. Geo-caching is a global sport where people race each other over their life times to visit as many geo-cache sites as possible. Sites are places where people have hidden little plastic boxes with notebooks which you record your name in. You find the sites by using GPS co-ordinates.

What I didn't realise is that there is different type of sites. "Traditional" - just a box, "Multi" - the first box contains clues to find more box/es, "Earth" - where you learn something geological, "Puzzle" - where you have to solve a complex number orientated puzzle to find the box. It goes on. We found 5 sites in our relatively short walk along the Wellington skyline, see maps, so these boxes are everywhere around you!

Mark is on of those who gets texts on his cellphone and races to get new caches placed near where he lives. He described vividly a sleepy drive to Ekatahuna in the middle of the night. Whatever gets people out in hills enjoying nature is a good thing!


Marja said...

haha I have an old scouting friend who is an addict I was amazed to hear how many of these toy thingies are hidden in new zealand

Jamie said...

Hey Marja,

Yeah, it is amazing! Thousands! Mark pointed out one hidden outside Freyburg Pool in the middle of Wellington where I walk everyday.

Whatever gets people out and about exploring is great I reckon.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Too right brother! Better addicted to the hills than so many other options. Driving back from the Naki yesterday and spending all that time beneath it, seeing the other volcano's plastered with snow, then on the home stretch seeing the Ruahines glistening in the sun covered with snow, all had my mouth watering with anticipation.
Have a great weekend.

Jamie said...

Hey Robb

Easily done!

Take care aye