Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A view over the Rimutakas and Wairarapa from the summit of Mt Climie

Mt Climie sits back from Upper Hutt city like a lion. It sits there quietly and deceptively, the only indication of its height being the aerials that pop up from its bush clad summit.

It is almost reminiscent of the Ventoux. The giant of the Tour de France. But lacks its deforested, blistered scrotum aspect.

Ramash wanted to make the most of his annual leave, so we were out there, parking up at tunnel gully. A pleasant picnic area most infamous as the site of kidnap plot where the victim was planned to be kept in a hole. Dirty Harryesque. From the carpark the 4wd track rises consistently to the top shrouded often by mist forest. Near the top there is a narrow band of subalpine vegetation, probably the legacy of past fires and storms, we recovered briefly then shot back down. Bikes are fast downhill. Good times capped off by a long coffee in the Pauatahanui Cafe.

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Bob McKerrow said...

Dear Jamie

I thought most newly weds spent weekends in bed, looking in each others eyes. Good you are getting out. Most enjoyable postings.