Saturday, July 4, 2009

Animations for Palestine

Our media might be focusing on the latest fads of swine flu, Michael Jacksons aftermath and David Bain. But out there in the world the big issues are still simmering. Here are a couple of short animations advocating for the plight of the Palestinian people still suffering under the oppressive thumb of Israel. The young Palestinian people.


Bob McKerrow said...

FxxK Michael and the vain crooners ! Yeh Jamie, the big issues are still out there. over 30,000 kids dying a day world wide, Palestine and the raping and murdering in Dafur. Rough rfaping and killing in the Congo. Displaced people in Afghanistan and Pakistan struggling to stay alive, while we jaunt around the world.


Jamie said...

Its too true Bob.

Reminds me of a Jack Johnson song, "The News". I'll blog the lyrics.

I'm worried about Obama Bob. I'll blog about that too.