Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leaving New Zealand- travel itinerary

So Jamie has quit his job and Penny has come out of her exam cave, and we are off adventuring again! Below is our list of places we plan to be and roughly the dates, bearing in mind that we are prone to wandering off our planned course. If any of you are crossing our paths, let us know- it is always awesome to see people on the other side of the world! Basically we will be orienteering in Europe most of July/August, and then go to Nepal to work for September-December.

1st July- leave Chch (hopefully, as long as a certain ash cloud behaves itself)

Fly Auckland, Hong Kong, Dubai, Milan (sometime/where in the space time continuum that is involved with crossing too many timezones)

3rd July- walk over the Julian Alps from Italy to Slovenia via Mt Triglav

10th July- meet Greg and Claire in coastal Slovenia and travel to Croatia.

13th July-18th Croatian Open (orienteering 5 day event)

22nd July-26th July Slovenian OO cup (orienteering 5 day)

27th July- travel by train from Ljubljana to Chur in Switzerland via Austria

30th July-6th August- Swiss Orienteering week (Flims)

10th-20th August- World Orienteering Champs Aix-les-Bains (southern France)

20-31st August (something fun somewhere!)

1st September- Milan- Dubai-Hong Kong-Kathmandu

September- Kanchengjunga (working here-see Kanchengjunga School Project link to right of screen)

October- Jamie's family coming to Nepal- meet them in Kathmandu

November- Kanchengjunga (working again)

5th December- home-sweet-home!