Friday, June 20, 2014

A Busy Winter

You know it feels so good, when I know you're skankin with me.

Life has been busy recently. Penny has been working big hours on her new rotation in the neo-natal unit, and about a month ago I started a new part time job with Federated Mountain Clubs. The grand plan is that Penny goes half time, which happens in mid July, and we spend heaps of time together as a family, but at the moment we are passing Mae around like a beach ball. A chunky, smiley, energetic little beach-ball. I love spending time with my girls. Fat Freddy's Roady gets those moments pretty well:

Mae is great. We keep on trying not to expect every day spent with her to be damn cool, but so far they all have been. Like her mother she doesn't get sick much, like her father she likes sleeping. She is an outside girl, if we aren't out the door by 8am she will be putting her gumboots on, wrong feet usually, and bringing me my shoes. She will climb into her backpack and start shouting out if she senses that I'm stuffing around. She has lots of words, but communicates mainly through her eyes. She looks after us, making sure we eat dinner, and dried apricots and persimmon as well and she has a wicked sense of humour.

My new job is great. It is very much a jack of all trades master of none position in what is quite a small independent NGO. Simply put, FMC's main purpose is to advocate on behalf of outdoors people in regard to the back-country and how it is managed. Obviously right up my alley. Ten years after I left my DOC job I am working again for an organisation fully aligned to my own priorities.