Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who is writing the headlines at Stuff?

Whoever is writing the headlines at Stuff needs to start thinking. Here are two follow-up articles on todays big and incredibly sad stories:

"Daring attacks reveal vulnerability"

"Airbus A320 'reliable'"

The days news that also includes the death of a local Wanaka climber, potential environmental damage in Doubtful Sound from a sunken boat and Clint Rickards admitted to the bar is terrible.

UPDATEI couldn't help myself, I had to use Stuff's feedback function for the first time. I'm quite proud of my restraint:

"I have never commented on Stuff before, but your headline "daring attacks show vulnerability" crosses my threshold. Do you know the meaning of "daring"? Daring is what your CEO was when he was a tough halfback, it should never be associated with cowardly terrorism and the slaughter of innocent people!"

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