Monday, November 10, 2008

The One That Got Away: Yading!

Where we to have our time in China again the no1 thing I think we would both like to do is trek Yading. The three sacred mountains of Yading, Jospeh Rocks Shangri-La are located north of Lugu Lake and south of the high hinterland of Sichuan, we saw their snowy tops in the distance from near the top of Haba Snow Mountain.

A trek was on the cards when we rolled into Lige, the ugly tourist hub of Lugu Lake, but we didn't really know where to go, or how far it was. Some locals said 8 days. Neither did we have any food, pepper spray (those Tibetan Mastiffs aren't encouraging, or really the mojo. On our way out of the area, at the much nicer main town beside the lake we found this in an informative guesthouse. Hope it might help someone in their plans!

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Bob McKerrow said...

The photo of the mountains are superb and they have their own unique shapes. You seem to strike the good, bad and the ugly in most of the places you visit, but the good and beautiful seem to be the greater. Thanks for sharing part of the world I have yet to greet.

May your safe travels continue.