Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My travelling companion has split!

The friend always by my left shoulder, the one that understands the prices the shopkeepers murmur, the one that makes sure we have a purpose, the one with a beautiful smile, the one thats always up for adventure (as long as we have plenty of water), the one with the cheeky eyes, the one that likes tramping in the rain, the one that puts up with travel even though she would prefer to be working...helping people, the one that helps me and is my constant amazing companion, she split.

Heres a photo of her splitting.

It all happened so quickly, one day we were riding a tandem on the Xian city wall, singing Foux de fa fa .

The next day we were on top of an amazing holy mountain and now we are on different sides of the Hong Kong border, chatting on the internet! Its times like these I need a guitar to bash out a few chords. Miss you babe!

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Bob McKerrow said...

Dont cry Jamie. She'll come back. Do you know Kriss Kristoffersens song, "Don't be so sad, I know its over ?"

try playing that. It really gets the emotions going.

See ya mate.