Thursday, November 6, 2008

A couple more photo quizzes!

Heres a couple more photo challenges, what if anything is going on here. One is an historic photo from our Indonesian traipses the other more recent.Although they are kind of related!

And I can confirm (or at least hope) that the answers for the questions a couple of weeks ago are buckwheat and lattices!

UPDATE: and yes the lesson is never go to the toilet on an indonesian fishing vessel if you are over 80kg and 5 foot 5, and if you own yaks collect their poo to burn in the winter by slapping it on your wall.

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Ross said...

Okay, I'll play... First picture I reckon is a very close game of yak dung petanque (alternatively yak dung briquettes eing dried for the coming winter).

Picture 2 is a local yokel constructing a drenching pen for his indonesian shrimp farm according to a design described by Jamie.