Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where in the World are we???

I think all travellers wake up in the morning (or middle of the night) sometimes and wonder "where the hell am I". The senses become a bit dislocated at times. Sometimes friends and family start to wonder where the travellers are as well, "haven't heard from them in a while". Thats really what this is about, a bit of real life Carmen Sandiego. The photos give clues as to where Penny and Jamie are and what they did today! (which wasn't really much at all as they woke up jet lagged at about 11am local time).

We are somewhere with patterns...and perhaps flowers, although I think they probably have flowered patterns places where flowers are now extinct, like Iraq (don't worry we are not in Iraq!

Somewhere with reflections, indeed multiple reflections of beautiful people. Is it just me or are reflections always beautiful?

Somewhere where there are monks? But what is unusual about these monks? They look very concerned about some harmless, and flightless kiwis?

Somewhere where they were doing the haka way before the All Blacks, Te Rauparaha, or indeed any polynesians.

Somewhere where the white witch of Narnia still rules and Che Fu is under her spell (when was his last album?).

And finally the answer.....Bangkok, and more specifically the Grand Palace, mass tourism at its finest on the banks of the lovely Chao Phraya river.

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