Saturday, September 27, 2008

Into the WopWops

This is our intended route I sent to my Mum, slightly tongue in cheek it remains to be seen if we manage to find our way out of town.

"we fly to china tomorrow: Kunming, the plan is to head straight off to Lijiang, then west maybe with a small trek to Weixi, then north up the mekong but not far to Cizhong, a wierd tiberan catholic church then west into the hills and trekking across to the Nu Jiang a little tibetan village called Bingzhongluo or something, then one more valley west to the Drung, its a small pocket of china near Myanmar. Its otherwise known as the valley of death. Then back to Bingz and hopefully a big trek across the mountains towards Deqin and the mountain range callled Kawa Karpo, we might encircle this possibly. The locals call it a kora or pilgrimage. Then back down to Shangri-La (or Zhongdian). Will try to keep in touch with cell and internet. We have some of our flights back, pk gets back to well mid nov, I am staying on a couple of weeks and back in chch 6 dec."

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