Friday, September 5, 2008

And Stockholm...

It was with some relief that we found the wonderful Sara Wallen there to meet us on the stroke of midnight at Stockholms Arlanda airport. A night spent in a corner of the airport was an inferior option to a night spent on Saras parents lawn.

I hadn't experienced suburban Sweden before, low slung wooden houses, a maze of fences and walls and miniature parks, enclosed in a bunch by fingers of forest. We woke early and enjoyed the family breakfast, crispbread, caramel cheese, cheesy spreads and cucumber as well as the more usual museli and yoghurt. Dairy products are ridiculously cheap here, subsidised I think, great that the masses can afford to eat cheese, a sad reflection on the state of affairs in NZ.

We stayed last night in a really nice hostel in Central Stockholm. Our room was actually on a boat, the AF Chapman.

We have met up with Prince family and friends over for the wedding, Viv, Russel, Matt and La, Jackie, Gordon and Lance. Rumour has it the fabulous Chris Forne and Emily Wall will also soon join us.

I'm sitting in a mall now in central Stockholm, waiting for Penny to find some mascara. We spent the morning wandering over to the suit place, to meet Aaron, be prepared for some pretty hot photos from the wedding.

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