Monday, September 22, 2008

Sifting through Lofoten

We were so close, it just felt like we had to. We went to Lofoten. It was only for an evening and a morning with lodgings in the ugly Solvaer (the problem with developing an aesthetically pleasing and quaint fishing village for tourists, is that it inevitably loses whatever charm it had. We were left with a tantalising glimpse of the adventures that lay in the surrounding areas if one had time, a good rope and a full rack, or some sea kayaks.

The mountains rise out of the sea like the teeth of a giant saw, and travelling at night the skylines look surreal, mountain patterns cut in profile by the vivid imagination by a child.

A brief google found some more adventurous stories from Lofoten, from some friends of ours Clare and Greig who climbed here a couple of years ago, check here for general stuff and here for climbing info.

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