Thursday, August 23, 2007

A bit of catch up - Coromandel

Yeah haven't done heaps of posting recently, so thought I would recount a little mission we did earlier in the year. Penny and I and her workmate Max (who coincidentally went to school with Gemma) cruised up to the Coromandel and met up with Megan and Fred. Highlights on the trip up were playing guitar and impovised singing (at the time I only knew A, C, D and G) and exploring Ohiwa estuary at dusk, with a stingray flapping in the sunset. We arrived late to Tairua but found Megan and Fred, and had a nice weekend sifting around Cathedral Cove etc and a lovely run up in the hills somewhere...awesome part of the country. One memorable moment was Fred standing on top of a watertank with the guitar giving us an impromtu performance...brilliant.

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