Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jamies week in Vegas

Not as exciting as it sounds...Penny went away tramping for the week down south so I popped over to Rotovegas to do some event organising. Supported Rachel Smith at the Coromandel Classic multisport race first up and caught up with a few people I hadn't seen for a while which was good, then headed down to Rotorua, checked out some areas, spoke to lots of landowners and generally made a nuisance of myself. Highlight was probably a bit of wood falling off a rimu tree and hitting me in the head as a I walked along...ended up getting a few stitches in Taupo medical centre. Also went for a nice drive with Simon Addison to the West Coast of the North Island, Kawhia, Taharoa (where they sand mine) and back via Waitomo. Taharoa was our main destination as we had spotted a likely looking orienteering area. Unfirtunately it was indeed fantastic but was in the process of being felled (this is a horrible experience for an orienteer). I will convince Penny to post a report of her expedition which will be much more interesting!

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