Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jamies projects

Have been meaning to give an update on what I've been up to for the last few months...I have officially given up on getting a real job in this cursed place!:-) So am trying to develop an events management business mainly for the challenge of it and the joy of seeing people get out there, rather than making mega bucks...although the hope is it may become a good revenue stream in the future

We have recently established a website for the business with the main project at the moment being the Kiwi Summer Adventure Racing Series. I am also trying to set up a youth adventure racing team which is there as well and working on a running event around Lake Waikaremoana.

I have also been spending far too much time doing orienteering stuff, including providing ideas for the development of New Zealand's orienteering site where we have recently created a great photo database where you can find and download photos of Penny, me and all the other top NZ orienteers.

And I guess my other project is the Kiwi Adventure Project, a website that I am trying to co-ordinate the creation of which will act as an online guidebook for all NZ outdoor activities. Hard to explain, will post more when we develop a version that speaks for itself...

And I'm slowly learning to play the guitar...

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