Sunday, August 5, 2007

Round Waikaremoana

Well this weekend was supposed to be mountain time down in the Kawekas but we were feeling a bit tired on Friday night so decided on the lake alternative. We got up there about lunchtime on Sat, dropping Pennys bike off at one end and parking at the was pouring with rain, but for once we didn't wuss out. 6 hours later stumbling along in the dark we made Waipaoa Hut.

While it was daylight it was a really pretty track, kind of scandinavian with bare rock sliding into the water, lots on inlets and islets and regular huts to keep the motivation levels high.

The hut we stayed in was real nice, a few hunters and trampers to spin yarns too and a nice warm fire, our basic rations of smoked chicked and bread rolls with camembert was sweet as for dinner, meant we didn't have to carry stove/plates etc

Sunday was a clearer day, which meant for good views from Panekiri Bluff high above the lake, nice goblin forest on the ridge top, moss swathed trees, with the howling wind smashing into the other side of the ridge metres away from our sheltered position. Luckily I managed to hitchhike to the far end of the track, passing a happy Penny who still had an hour to bike, she was going well though. Great weekend

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