Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well I haven't been made redundant, I'm probably more classified as "long term unemployed" or maybe I don't even count in the market economy. But I still can't get a job and I still occasionally feel pretty redundant. There is not much good either in knowing that you are one of many, because it really makes you despair at how our society can possibly repair itself, that is in the New Zealand context, let alone in the globalised world.

You read in the news some people claiming we don't value our young, some we don't value our old, but the reality is that we don't value our people and their need to fit into some sort of community. There are way too many losers in our society and plenty of them have lots of money and stuff.

I am one of many looking for a job. PFO (please go away) letters are full of the stats...150 people applied for this job all the applicants were of a very high standard...each one of those probably spent 2 hours tailoring their application...300 hours....nearly 8 working weeks, cut down to 4 or 5 interviewees in an hour or so of an HR persons time. I volunteer for a few different organisations at the moment...what we could do with someone working fulltime for 8 working weeks! Argh.

You are left with the choice of endlessly pursuing opportunities that may or may not be there or trying to create something. Last time I was in this position I tried to create an events business, but the only way to make that pay is by providing pleasant weekends out for the wealthy. My passion lies with connecting people to the environment and helping them learn their humanity through suffering and achievement not with providing nice days out for the already successful.

So now I am trying to plot something else. I am researching the concept of "social business", see the new blog, trying to understand how socially driven businesses may be successful in cases of current market failure. I am volunteering for several organisations, most importantly "Leave No Trace" an international outdoor ethics centre setting up in New Zealand..see ...and trying to stay positive. Every now and then I run out of energy, but Penny and nature generally save me from getting too down about it. The photos spread through this post are from a recent flight from Rotorua down to Christchurch where I am now for my Mums 50th and little brothers 21st. If there is little else of use us redundants can do in society we can do our absolute best to protect and support this amazing place, which often society doesn't even notice. The land, as a whole system is as outside and remote from societys concerns as we are...

Somewhere in that last left hand photo is home...tucked beneath the big pine with a pohutukawa out front...


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Kia kaha my friend. I sense it is a changing world we are living in, or have created, and that the only hope is that coming out of these times are some serious fundemental changes into how we live, treat the earth and each other, and what we define as success. By my definition you are a success and we need you to keep writing, caring, and pointing the way to Becoming Connected. Isn't it amazing to discover exactly how rich you are when outside the "system" as it were: Your love for Penny and vice versa, your wonderful parents and friends, and this deep abiding love and respect you have for nature and humanity. You are a Wealthy man brother. Rave on!

Jamie said...

Hey Robb,

Thanks mate. I know I am extraordinary lucky and despite brief moments wallowing in self pity (like I think we all do from time to time) I am pretty appreciative.

One of my main problems is actually making the most of the awesome opportunity and freedom I have, will have to blog on that when I am feeling more philosophical rather than action orientated.

take care