Monday, June 22, 2009

Antarctic Exploration

I just stumbled upon this great old film, part 1 of 5 on Youtube. George Lowes account of the 1955-1958 Commonwealth Transantarctic Expedition. Great footage of earlier expeditions by Scott and Shackleton, as well as Hillary and team training in the Southern Alps.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Wow, cool find. I will have to settle in and give this a watch. I have always been much more fascinated by George Lowe than Hillary to be honest. A seemingly very unassuming man who also had some amazing adventures. Perhaps it is the fact he grew up in Hawkes Bay and the Ruahines were where he found his love of mountains. At Howletts hut there are still old hut book entries with his name and stories of his legendary run from Howletts, over Sawtooth and Broken ridge to the old Shut eye shack. He has a lot of connection to the Ruahines. Cheers for the heads up to the film, have a great weekend.

Jamie said...

Hey Robb,

Hope all is well man

Will have to have a yarn to you about George Lowe by the sounds of it.

Scarecely a few days go by when I don't have a look at my maps of the Ruahines and make plans for awesome missions as soon as my calf is better. The mythology is building nicely

take care


Bob McKerrow said...

Shit mate ! That's my old stamping ground. They were there in 57, I wintered over in 69-70. Used Hillary's tractor in the Wright Valley, and took one of the Antarctic Cats that crossed Antarictica with Fuchs and Hillary out for a day trip at Scott Base, with Roger Lusby the mechanic. Do you remember meeting Ed Cotter ? He has been supporting George Lowe in his final days of a dreadful illness in the UK !

those were the days my friend ........ Bob

Jamie said...

Hey Bob,

Remember it well, he seemed like a good man. It must have been an amazing experience visiting Antarctica at that time, so much history, so visible and there in your face.

I love the film, even the introductions with dramatic music and breaking ice. ..George Lowe it seems among oher things was a very talented film-maker