Sunday, June 28, 2009


We were in danger in doing no exploring of substance all weekend, but Penny pulled me off the track. Kapakapanui at just over 1000 metres high towers over the Kapiti Coast at the southern end of the Tararua Range. The loop from the end of Ngatiawa Road in the Reikorangi valley is a great fast walk of about 4hrs. The climb is solid though 900 metres vertical over a few kilometres.

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There is some great bush on this loop. Tawa and Pukatea on their stream side platforms. Kamahi abd beech up higher, with Rata crawling everywhere. Or towering above. It seems to be all or nothing with this plant. The gyrocopter like Toro appear in the mossy goblin forest of the tops along with Horopito, the pepper tree. And on the tops astelia and even leatherwood can appear pleasantly proportioned when there is an easy track to wander through.


Bob McKerrow said...

Jamie, just read a number of your postings. Most newly married couples spend weekends in bed, but I am thrilled to see you are out loving the mountains and bush as well.

keep up the inspirational postings.

Kia Kaha, Arohanui. Bob

Jamie said...

Hey Bob,

Yeah, should probably get our priorities straight.

Take care aye