Monday, March 9, 2009

Wildlife at home

We've just finished moving into our new flat, high up on the backside of Mt Vic in Wellington, with a big view out over Evans Bay to Miramar Peninsula, Somes Islands and 'the Hutt'. It's a great little place, we tell people its not so much a crappy house but a cute little bach. But anyway pics will follow at some stage, but what I was really mulling over tonight was the wildlife we have encountered, so far, at our new flat.

First up were Maurice (the weta) and Harold (the gecko) who live under the stump on the deck in some wierd sort of reptilian insectivorious sort of relationship. Once we discovered them we hurriedly returned the stump to its spot and at least Harold slipped back under. The stump is now tapu from further disturbance for at least another month or so.

On the weekend we were having tea and muffins with some friends on the deck when Penny noticed a disturbance out in the bay, it turned out to be dolphins. The fizzed in towards us tracking a windsurfer who was unaware of their presence. There must have been at least ten in something of an arrow formation, the energised leaping out the front the more sedate just keeping up. I'm not sure what caught their attention but they turned in a big arc and headed back out towards Somes Island.

The last fellas that have me thinking are the snowbound Siberian Tigers I just postered up on the wall (nothing like a bit of postering to make the place feel more like home). I was wondering both if they were hot or cold and whether looking at them made me feel hot or cold. I think overall they make me feel hot.


Ross said...

segue to a FotC song: "they make me feel hot". (Sorry, watched a Bollywood film in the weekend... waiting for the blog to break into some song and dance)

Jamie said...

don't tempt me, I might compose you a song. I'm currently working on a version of the Stones "Angie", titled "Andy" for a friend.

I'll only put it on the web if it is ridiculously funny - as opposed to ridiculous.