Sunday, March 15, 2009

Enough Turkeying Around

We are going away tomorrow to hopefully, finally, climb Mt Taranki, that most beautiful of Lonely mountains way out west.

I ran a half marathon on friday and died and suffered somewhat(1:19, 2nd place - so you don't go looking it up Ross) so have been resting up housemaking. Even cooked a banana and zucchini cake today for some friends, as well as steaming some delicious terakhi bought straight from the boat with chilli, garlic and lemon. There's honestly nothing better than Wellington on a good day. We wandered up to the top of Mt Vic, our local hill, today and took some pics...

Before I went and knackered myself we went for a sift out to Baring Head and tried to boulder, something neither of us had done before, but its kind of like the climbing around you do on rocks when you are a kid but made into a sport. I maxed out at V0, and then only those V0's without any big moves. But I was better than Penny who despite much more natural talent couldn't get used to the idea of climbing without a rope! Heres a photo of me, not bouldering, but scrambling around to see if there are any bolts or potential top rope anchors to set something up for Penny next time.

Seriously though, its really cool, what the hard core group of boulderers have created at Baring head and now nearby Tutaekirae Head, all sorts of challenges for sorts of people in a really beautiful and random setting. One of the most memorable moments of the day was our return trip to the car. The tidal outlet had changed and become a bit risky (the photo below is Penny crossing on the way there) so we went back around the lagoon to cross at the "ford" near the road. It looked alright and I waded in, and waded in, and it got deeper and deeper, to the point where I sort of had to do it anyway. I was holding a plastic bag in one hand and lifted this up above my head, then as the water rose up to my shoulders I had to grab my pack with the other hand and lift it up by the scruff, like I was hanging myself on a coat hook.

I reached the far side and Penny had bailed choosing the 15minute walk up the river:-)

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