Sunday, March 29, 2009

Titahi Bay

During the weekend we finally managed to get out to Titahi Bay to put our neo-phyte rock climbing skills to use. It was a picture perfect sunny day. Not having been here before we parked up at the wrong spot first-up (before getting the book out for directions). It was worth it though for the spectacle. Hundreds of people in yellow bibs scouring the coast and scrub for rubbish. Community care enlarge! I stepped to the edge of the carpark to where I could see the cove below and people were scurrying about like hermit crabs below.

Having figured things out we zoomed up to Whitireia Park and started looking for climbing. The first access track took us down to the "Babys Bottom Wall", which was already inhabited by a group of climbers. The tide was in blocking off travel around the coast so it was back up the sea cliffs and down access track 2 towards the "Nose" and the "Slab" which entertained us for a couple of hours, everything from grade 6 - 15. Easily toproped, some great belay spots and plenty of abseil practice. Can't wait to get back there and do some more mucking around.

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