Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Life

Yesterday, 5.45pm, the hallway floor. Marvellous Mae vs Dangerous Daddy a showdown at 4 metre crawling intervals. Head down, arse up. Her cadence is too good, and she swerves, slamming me into the wall, my shoulders too big for this narrow space, overweighed, like the Goblin King in the Hobbit, I stumble and fall in slow motion. She sits up straight, chortles and claps. Relentless.

Just now. I look at her on the other side of the room tearing into a pile of magazines. She makes eye contact. I wave. She blows me a raspberry. Oh well, clapping is more important, especially after my guitar solos.

In case you haven't gathered, we adore our little girl, it has been a great 8 months getting to know her. She is cute:

 She is also very energetic:

And she is pretty tolerant:

She loves being naked in a sink:

And she has a great poo face:

She is an excellent tramping companion:

And hut companion:

She adores her Mum:

And she puts up with sandflys even when they disfigure her:

What more could you want in a girl?

In related news Dangerous Daddy is now fulltime at home, so perhaps a few more write-ups coming up. Firstly perhaps our recent expedition to Kahurangi point lighthouse.

Kia kaha!

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Kate Pedley said...

I love this blog! What a delightful wee girl - you obviously have such cool adventures with her!!! Hugs to you all xxx