Friday, October 26, 2012

Comings and Goings

We had a daughter yesterday, Mae Elsie. One name just because we liked it; the other after Penny's grandmother who is an amazing lady. She was born just before lunch time after a long night of labour. Penny was incredible: focused, stoic and calm. What a woman I have somehow ended up with.

Mae is a delight, she has startling eyes, that pop open suddenly, and long delicate fingers that get lost in the long sleeves of her ill-fitting one pieces.

I lay down tonight with my daughter on my chest, a beer in my right hand and phone in my left and felt the closest I ever have to contented. Time slipped away.

For the last 10 months since we returned from Nepal time has been predominant; 60 hour working weeks for Penny; myself trying to keep buses and drivers on schedule. Weekends have been spent trying to catch up (rather than do stuff) with friends or keeping on top of the garden.

Yesterday with about an hour to go in labour. The reality of our situation overcame me and I cried. Not the burping and the feeding and the changing nappies. The reality that when a child comes into the world a little bit of us is passed on, and soon that will be all that is left. When Mae Elsie entered the world a little bit of my grandads that have both passed on were reborn. I look forward to searching for their quirks as time goes by.

In the meantime though I am enjoying my wife and daughters needs being my only timetable.

Kia kaha.                                                                                                                                                 


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Wow! What a turn of events since I last read from you. Congrats and well done to you, Penny, and the new bubba, and the grand parents, cousins, auntie, uncles, ect...
We are celebrating my youngest son's 10th bday today, and last night I had a quiet drink talking with him in front of the fire and thinking how I used to hold him on my chest, and how quickly time goes by. As Warren Zevon wisely said, "Enjoy every sandwhich" Kia kaha e hoa!

Jamie Stewart said...

Thanks Robb, and good advice. I plan to enjoy every step of Mae's journey, as well as taking a few with her.

Take care


Raewyn said...

Welcome to the world little Mae! Look forward to meeting you sometime when you are down this way. Good work P & J!
Raewyn & Geoff

Ross Wakelin said...

wow exciting news. congratulations to all three of you, not least Mae Elsie for eminent choice of parents. Have fun! Maybe I can drop in and have a bash at the garden. Ross

Scott said...

The name you have given your child brings to mind the late great Elsie Locke, who did some remarkable walks through New Zealand landscapes while keeping one eye on history.


Anonymous said...

Nice to read this update. Congratulations to you both!! I hope all three of you are well.
/ Veronica and Charlie

Hugs from North Vancouver