Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sitting at a Slovenian pub

I am sitting at a pub in the small Slovenian town of Otlica blogging and drinking white wine.

Penny is with the other NZ girls at a lace making workshop. The local tourist agency has thoughtfully arranged an entertainment program for us, very generous since we are merely sleeping on the floor of their school.

Last night was cheese, blueberry liquer and football. Tomorrow is perhaps paintball.

We have very much enjoyed Slovenia, a new country but an old culture. The Austro-Hungarian Empire is almost perceptable here but the Slovenes have built a friendly, cultured and hopeful nation on these foundations.

We are orienteering each day on beautiful, challenging forests and getting fitter all the time. I will write and take more photos of this soon.

One frustration is blogging on the phone, it is far less user friendly than the laptop, but I will continue to make do. Apologies if the formatting is no good.

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