Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the road again

I feel alive again.  I am grateful for the job that has paid the bills for the last two years but damns am I glad to be out. The mist in front of my eyes now rises from the rushing Soca river not from the rigours of a working week where time goes past so damn quick.

We strolled into Bovec yesterday around noon. The narrow valleys of NW  Slovenia converge and open out into a broad cultivated basin surrounded on six sides by craggy limestone mountains.

It took us 2 days from the Italian town of Tarvisio. The first night was spent in an Italian Bivouac high on the slopes of Mt Mangart the second in a thunderstorm in a Slovenian forest where barking deer left us shivering in fear.

Bovec at face value is an outdoors paradise littered with trails and rivers and mountains and canyons. We have had some adventures here already but I should really start at the beginning ...


Bob McKerrow said...

So good to read that Penny and you are on the road again, and now on mountain trails.

I will follow you with great interest. Safe travels.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Reads pretty awesome mate - got to be thrilled to be "on the road again", or off the road again as it seems. Travel well e hoa.

Debbie and Chris said...

Good snow here. Love from those who were there at the beginning!

NaC said...

Watch out for those deadly barking deer! If you see one, climb on top of Penny's shoulders to appear taller and back SLOOOOWLY away