Monday, April 6, 2009

Seeing something you created flourish.

Events have been on my mind lately. I have been working on a few concepts which are quickly turning into real plans. But aside from that I am keeping the website up to date for the Taylors Mistake Rogaine Series which began last week on the hills above Christchurch.

I have been reflected on how fulfilling and great it feels to see something you have created flourish once you have passed it on. I like trying to create things for others, most of the time the things flop but the Taylors Mistake Rogaine Series at least is an exception!

I created the Taylors Mistake Rogaine Series in 2005 as fundraising for Penny and I to attend the World Orienteering Champs in Japan. I then ran it again in 2006 before passing it on to Matt Scott, Lara Prince and Michael Smithson to organise in 2007. Last year Chris Forne, Emily Wall and I organised an extended series - 5 events from the tip of Godley Head to past the Sign of the Bellbird. This year I have passed it on to Ian Edmond and Nora Audra to organise for as long as they like.

Ian and Nora by all accounts have done a great job so far attracting a near record field of 180 to the first event based high on the Summit Road above Governors Bay. The slideshow below is from their first event held last Wednesday.

The photos just bring back so many good memories of people with smiles on their faces running crazily on the rugged ridges. People just so stoked when returning to the finish after a starry evening high above the city lights. Theres people in those photos who were at the first events and are returning now by the looks of it with new girlfriends and kids. There are people that look exactly the same (and wearing the same clothes) as they did that time ago. The landscapes in the photo are so familiar now, the view over the harbour to Lyttleton, and indeed back the other way. Probably my favourite event ever was the first time we used the Gondola, it was just such a different experience starting way up there with a 360 degree panorama of an oncoming southerly. We didn't make any money when we used the gondola but it was a blast.

I feel like we have made a real difference in introducing people to all the beauty of the Port Hills at different times of day and night. The amazing red cliffs, the groves of forest, the deserted bunkers hidden by flax, the rugged sea shores of Godley Head. I rest easy in the knowledge that Ian and Nora are continuing this, and hopefully it continues for a long time.

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