Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Boohai!

Was just scoping around the net looking for images for a few ideas on topographical map navigation for my OSquad Blog, when I found a write-up and online maps from my own event!

The Boohai 2008 on the East Coast was an event I really enjoyed organising with friends Rachel and Rhys. In my unemployed state I am getting more serious about organising another for later this year! The map of the first day, which included some classic "East Coast" Coastal farmland with beautiful beaches and rugged headlands is included below", as is a little section of the write-up which can be found in its entirety here.

The first event, which was of 8 hours duration was held on the coastal Nuhiti station. Rugged ridges sweeping into the sea, bisected by streams lined with native bush and remnant puriri forest. The craggy coastal feature of Mawhai point home to a former whaling station was visited by most with high pointers located on its tip. A lone hermit sheep eyed competitors curiously as they scrambled over rocks to his gnarly island of grass and bush. There was some honest labour going on, with plenty of hills to keep the competitive ones busy. Neil Jones had brought over a team from Whakatane and beyond, including son Daniel and well-known adventure racer Grant Burke, who were expected to do well, but in the end the first day was taken by Hawkes Bay pair Hamish Goodwin and Chris Howell. There was no mercy being given in this competition, the latter moving fast into the finish.


Mark said...

happy birthday.

Jamie said...

Thanks, I got to spend a lovely sunday at the computer. It was magic.