Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Yangtze bends and we eat too much!

Yeah so what I was meaning about eating too much food. We rolled into Shigu the other day, a small town famous for its location on the first bend of the Yangtze river. This place reeks of history. The Red Army forded the river here during one of its marches and before that Kublai Khan and his hordes floated across on inflated sheepskins. We couldn't be bothered walking up the hill to get a clear view so we took a photo of an artists impression from our restaurant.

We did wander up the hill aways to the Red Army memorial. Everything around these parts is very picturesque, or maybe that is just my mood.

Anyway back to the food. Penny was hungry. She ordered not only noodles, but mungbeans, some other beans and green beans. Each turned out to be a dish, the noodles would have fed us. I did my best, but there was still a bowl full at the end to be fed to a lucky passerby.

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