Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plan for the next wee while

Since yesterday evening we have been lavishing ourselves in the tourist orientated town of Shangri-La. Last night was calzone and pizza, tonight was tortillas and quesidilla (or whatever that word is). Both were followed by chocolate brownie and ice-cream at our great hostel, Noah's cafe and inn.

Shangri-La used to be called Zhongdian, but in a big marketing ploy the name was changed for a nice summary of the situation read the article here.

Today our main adventure was to hire bikes and totter out to a pretty cool Tibetan monastery, apart from the huge monastery and its associated adobe dwellings, liquid history on a hillside

the highlight of the landscape was the giant wooden chairs or easels made for drying crops. They sit in paddocks or peoples backyards uniformly facing the sun like Muslims face Mecca. Photos will follow if I left our camera at the restaurant we ate dinner at.

Our plan from here is to get up early, find the camera and suss out when the bus leaves for the crazy white water terrace place. From there we will head up onto Haba Snow Mountain maybe, or just walk around it to Tiger Leaping Gorge, then to Lijiang. Take care out there.

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