Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The time has come...

On the road again starting today! Tonight we will all going well be in the vicinity of Torquay on the great ocean road. Our trip begins with a 5 day visit to Australia centred on some time in the Grampians with Zane, Lindyl, Scarlett and Charlie...can't wait to meet the twins.

The last month or so has been a blur, not through busyness by any means, but trying, largely fruitlessly, to distill some meaning or values from experiences of the last year or so. Penny and I start of this next adventure on a good footing having recently got engaged (after 7 1/2 years it still means a lot to commit privately and publically to living the rest of our lives together). We have managed to sort out the fundamentals of our wedding in January which will be great fun.

Yesterday we had a nice walk up onto the Craigeburn range above Castle Hill, great to be on some steepish country with an amazing view. We had ordered a ring for Penny from a local silversmith which I gave her at the top, almost a second engagement moment!

Although we are lucky to have the opportunity to go away it is sad to be be leaving Christchurch. Although many of our friends are going or gone already it has been great for me living with Lara, Matt and Andy J for the last six months. We look forward to seeing them in Sweden this September. And of course family, Mum, Dad, Sam, and Grandparents all here in Christchurch with Gemma doing a fantastic job teaching over in Westport. The transitory life has its drawbacks.

Nevertheless to the road we go...

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