Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tello Bound

Hey, we arrived yesterday in Gunung Sitoli on the island of Nias! Below are the final moments of our journey with the girls on the foredeck where we spent much of the time watching islands fade into the ditance and flying fish skim across the ocean swells

Since the last post we have travelled down the west coast of Sumatra to Singkil then caught some lovely little boats through the Banyak Islands.

The big news today is that Elo left us, catching the ferry to go and check out some more tourist stuff in Sumatra before flying back to NZ in a few days. Heres a photo (maybe) of our celebratory beer last night.

This was our first incidentally since they are not so strictly Muslim over here, and its definitely not as bad as the sharia law we encountered in Blankjeren where Penny was reduced to this...

Elo's leaving prompted a splurge of reading with Penny and I respectively finishing Tim Flannery's Future Eaters and Romeo Dallaire's memoirs of the Rwandan massacre "Shaking Hands with the Devil". The reviews are lined up to be blogged along with Fisks "Great War of Civilisation" which I finished just before we left. Next on the list are Elo's books, one on Benazir Bhutto, the other by John Raulston Saul about reason or something...then we will be reduced to the free downloads I have on my computer...all pre 1920...

The doctor PK is working with has a website www.troppodoc.com He is currently in Burkina Faso which sounds desperate. But we are looking forward to meeting him he seems like quite a dynamic character. A recent adventure of his was rescuing a paralysed surfer from the island of Siberut, this involved flying his little chopper over 50kms of open water twice and dealing with the consequences of it being unlicensed and interesting read.

Will try and sort out some photos and more trip reports now, but if I fail take care aye and have fun.

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