Monday, July 15, 2013


We have been busy - well Penny has, Mae and I just sort of cruise around at a relatively constant pace - somewhere between bobbling and jolting.

Yesterday we arrived back, a day later than expected, from Dunedin where Penny was doing a paediatric life support course. Mae and I had great time cruising around some of the best sights of the city and surrounding hills. Leith Saddle, Swampy summit and the Pineapple track was a great day out, as was Orokonui eco-sanctuary, Victory beach and even dare I say it, the Dunedin Town Belt, which continues to grow taller and darker than I remember.

It was also awesome to catch up with Kate and Matilda and meet the gorgeous Frida. Mae is no longer a little baby in the baby wrestling competitions!

Dunedin Library and Civic Centre has aged well

Swampy Summit is my Moonbase

Sub-alpine baby 1

Sleeping or Sunbathing?

Other recent highlights include Pennys (overall) win in the legendary Winter orienteering classic, and general cuteness

The good old castle box

Runna Momma

Raa - I'm coming to get you!

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Marez said...

Someone is certainly growing up!!! Great pictures. Would love to catch up in person when you are in the area.