Thursday, November 3, 2011

Off again

Ok, well I didn't quite manage to get that last blog finished, or hardly even started, and we are off again.

Just Sam, Penny and me now, bussing to Jiri today (as the weather isn't letting anyone fly to Lukla ). We will spend the first couple of weeks in Deusa and Sprang, isolated villages in the Solu Khumbu, before trekking in the Everest region for a bit. We plan to do the three pass trip: Kongma la, Cho la and Renjo la.

For a better blog, with lots of photos of our travels check out

Take care



NaC said...

Bloody hell, Stew is famous! He has up to 75 comments left per post! That must mean he has literally thousands of readers.

Bob McKerrow said...

Great to follow your travels. Keep the postings up. Cheers, Bob