Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things Ain't too Bad

We have been stuck somewhat in the throes of work, play and exhaustion. Parenting is hard, even if it is only of a feline variety. Sherpa Tenzing came into this world four months or so ago, he has been with us for a month. He's a cutie...

Today for the first time in a while I saw all the beauty in the world. The tooth I got pulled out yesterday must have done the trick. Sunrise from the deck probably helped as well...

At lunchtime Penny rescued me from work and we went running around the Ataturk memorial at the head of the Wellington harbour. It was such a still, mild day, that it felt great just to be alive , to be running. No pictures today from there, but the words from Ataturk on the memorial inspired me. A perceptive recognition (if unwitting) on the foolishness and universality of the human condition.

"Those heroes that shed their blood
and lost their lives;
You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
Therefore rest in peace.
There is no difference between the Johnnies
and the Mehemets to us where they lie side by side
here in this country of ours.
You, the mothers,
who sent their sons from far away countries,
wipe away your tears;
your sons are now lying in our bosom
and are at peace.
After having lost their lives on this land they have
become our sons as well."

Our sport has been a highlight recently. Grit occasionaly triumphing over fitness. Greig Hamilton and I won the New Zealand 24hr rogaine champs in the Akatarawa forest in April. The highlight being rough and tough bush navigation in this terrific little chunk o country.

While earlier in April we journeyed down to Central Otago: Alexandra, Cromwell sort of way for a long awaited National Orienteering Champs. We ran on the old sluicings of the old timers in Roxburgh, Bannockburn, Earnscleugh and Naseby. A terrific weekend of competition and camaraderie. Here's a couple of maps...

And theres been the odd other trip as well. Chamberlain Creek in the Tararuas was a bit of a blast. Abseils and deep pools discouraged the camera. Its a shame as we would have been a site walking into the Roaring Stag Lodge in our wetsuits. A hut fairly full (30 people in a ten bunk hut) of VUWTC punters.

And before that Caspar and I took on the Carkeek picnic (courtesy of Greg Thurlow hospitality) and were whipped. The Carkeek picnic is is a highly regarded traverse of the Northern Tararuas in a day, via the parks spiritual heart Carkeek Hut, ridge and Park Forks, high up the pristine Waiohine. Caspar took some photos of this trip. He was looking a bit nervous for a start...

But as we got the South Ohau and then Arete under our belts he started to pull through, it was a bit foggy and I got us briefly lost coming off the summit of Lancaster, but by Carkeek ridge the fog began to clear...

And Carkeek hut showed up.

After this it was a wonder down to the lovely Waiohine and a long trudge up thickening regeneration to McGregor and Jumbo. The others met us there and the mission was over bar the pain of the final little walk out!

Apart from that I don't know what is there to blog? Bus and babies? I guess theres the failed trip to the Gardens in February still hovering around. I will have to dig up some good photos of southern rata flowering...,


Andrew McCarthy said...

good to hear what is up. We are off to China in June for four weeks so have been doing a bit of research courtesy of your previous posts.

Any big highlights/mustn't miss?

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Good to read of your orienteering endeavours and just being out there in those Tararuas. I have become friendly with a guy I met on my last hobble into the Ruahine who was trapping possums, used to be a culler in the Tararuas and was based in ol' Carkeek hut for a time and also helped build many huts and tracks in there. May have to come down your way and get in there as I have only ever done 4-5 trips into the Tararua. That is when this hip heals up. Sherpa Tenzing looks like he will keep you busy, and if you ever get too bored you can borrow my teen ager to try out for a bit! Take care mate. Good to see you back. Kia kaha.

Jamie said...

Hey Robb,

just let me know when you are cruising in there and maybe we could meet up in a hut (or we could just leave it to chance!)


Jamie said...


Sweet, glad those posts serve a purposes, there were some late nights in Chinese backpackers to create that record.

It depends what you are interested in doing, China is so great we are hoping to head back there next year.

The whole area from the Nu river, through to the Mekong at Meili Snow Mountain, then up to Yading in the Sichuan (where we didn't go) and through to Danba (where we did) and Juzhaigou (or however it is spelt) would be a good line to take, that avoids most of the over touristed places...

You would find the headwaters of the Nu pretty fascinating, crazy place that is changing real fast with lots of hydro development etc

take care over there aye and have a blast


Greg said...

Those maps look vaguely familiar, where are the credits, altho I dont mind you taking ownership of the mistakes

Jamie said...

You can keep your mistakes bro!

Full credit though, they took some making...