Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just some photos from the Weekend.

Filling in the pieces of missions to do around Wellytown. This one was Titahi Bay to Makara Beach, and a bit of a walk back. Jenny, Mark, Chris, Rachel and I started early at Wellington Station catching the train and bus to Titahi Bay. On the way the going was good and the weather improving to scorching so swimming was de rigeur and sunburn post facto.

Not many necessary swims, just one I think for Mark who likes climbing, but plenty of opportunities for getting wet if you so desired. Highlights included the crazy rock, views of Kapiti/Mana/South islands, Boom Rock, Goats and milkshakes at the end.

Looking south towards Makara, and the crazy rock

Oystercatchers - Mana from Boom Rock and the team.

Photos of the day, credit Jenny Cossey

...and action photo, with close-up of perfect technique


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Looks like a great weekend - though can't give you too many points for style on that dive! Happy holidays mate.

Bob McKerrow said...

Hey, they are wonderful photos.

You obvious;y had an enjoyable weekend. My knees are coming roght brother, so let's do a GT of Cook.


Jamie said...

Hey Robb

Harsh call man ;-) I guess we are missing the side on shot which would show my white belly about to make direct contact with the water. 10 out of 10!

Jamie said...

Thats keen Bob, not sure even those super knees of yours can hold the fall of 95 kgs of big unco bastard.

Let me know when you're doing it and I will come along for some yarns in middle peak hotel.