Monday, August 31, 2009

Kakariki on Titi

I seem to be in constant catch-up mode on the blog. This last weekend was another one in the Tararuas. Just a meander and chow up onto Cattle Ridge and down and out over Blue Range. I will write it up when I see the photos.

Whats been up otherwise though? The usual mix of work and meetings and muddling around and getting out and about to cool places. Caspar and I did Karapoti a few weeks ago. The famous mtb loop. It is a merciless, unrewarding grovel. But good fun all the same, though don't be expecting any views (Hey Caspar send me some photos!).

Well ok, there might have been one spot with a view. North to the Tararuas from the top of deadwood

Sometime around there we had another beach clean-up which we finished off by making little houses for penguins. Penny got a bit excited and thought the house was for her...

And not so long ago Penny and I had a nice little mission into the Western Akatarawas via the Maungakotukutuku road end. We decided to climb a little hill called Titi. Judging by the Maori names we were expecting to see a whole lot of muttonbird on a mountain of fuschia, and although in this we were disappointed we did see some very cool kakariki, our native parakeet, playing around in a tall lemonwood tree which was pretty cool.

In fact this entrance to the Akatarawa's has much going for it, and not only for the dirt bikers which abound. It is adjacent to the only DOC managed reserve in the area, and the forest is fantastic, with myriads of tracks to keep you interested.


Bob McKerrow said...

Keep on truckin Jamie for there are many more ridges and spurs to crest.

I enjoy your blog. The last post of Maori in Dusky Sound is interesting. Begg did a great job on that book. My relatives, Maori and Pakeha, trod that way. An errie placed. Wjhat a country we live in mate !


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Jamie,
Hope your recent silence means you are out there doing as Bob so well puts it.
Still a fair bit of snow up in the Ruahines mate!

Jamie said...

Hey guys, thanks for prodding me out of my blogging slumber! Good to hear from youse.