Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wellington: Exploring

I love Wellington! If it wasn't for the absence of family (well one side) and mountains it would be the perfect city. There is so much to do and see. Today we meandered up to the bird sanctuary, a bargain at $60 for a years membership. The place is an oasis, well there is some construction going on out front, a new multi million dollar education and interpretation centre...

But once past that it is hard to believe that the area was ever clear felled and grazed or sifted over by goldminers. Heres a quick photographic comparison; 100 years ago and today...

We wandered in past the first lake, plucking and crushing the lemonwood leaves to release the scent and listening for the first bird song. What strikes you immediately is the health and nutritiousness of the forest. There are berrys and flowers everywhere, spared the rodents ravage. Kawakawa are noticeably holier, like paper snowflakes, their caterpillars enjoying something about this place. We catch a fantail taking a bath in a pool of light.

Deeper in the bush we find a clearing with a picnic table and an old bearded man, the ornithological type. Its an amazing spot, the canopy isn't too thick and light stream through in places. We are lead there by saddlebacks flitting through the supplejacks. They must be the avian versions of monkeys, quick and accurate in their movements. But then a bellbird attracts our attention, then two playful fantails then a flock of energetic wax eyes.

It's somewhat of a metaphor for our lives at the moment, too much to look at, too much to do. Yesterday we decided to stretch ourselves with a running race, the Mt Lowry Extreme Challenge, a 22km frolic through the native forests of Eastbourne. The day before we were at the Cuba Street Carnival a time of expression for creative Wellington.

Further back in time we have really indulged in the outdoors in recent weeks exploring the hills and backroads of Wellington, not to mention all the flat hunting in the city. We noseyed up Smiths Creek at the foot of the Tararuas, eying up more substantial missions and we have acquainted ourselves with Fergs climbing wall, oriental bay and the city library. Now we just look forward to moving into our new flat in a week or so's time!


Ross said...

Heh, you are loving Wellington for a whole lot of things that weren't there when I lived there. It gets even better!. I'll let the cheap shot about 'no mountains' slide.. you apparently haven't been further than Smiths Ck and Holdsworth and maybe Mt Cook Cafe. If you miss the mountains I saw today they are giving salary topups for doctors and teachers to go an live in undesirable places like the West Coast. They have mountains, and they pay you extra to move there!.

But what is with the sketchy details of this blog? Frolicked round Mt Lowry?. Leaving us to go and dig out the results to see you both slayed all comers. Good One! and err... good luck getting that half marathon time under 2 hrs. Cheers

Jamie said...

Hey Ross! Guess you're getting some light over there now, it won't be long before the midnight sun is circling round and round you like a big yellow vulture.

Yeah, should put 2.18 down as my pb on the squad list, it might make me front up for a half. My new goal is a street mile in Petone though, possibly even against Nick Willis if they merge the open and invitational fields, which is going to be a blast. So that means 15 minute training runs are the order of the day for a while ;-)

take care aye.