Thursday, December 4, 2008

Apolobamba Expedition

This evening I attended a talk by former Arthurs Pass local James Dempster on a climbing expedition undertaken in the Apolobama area of Bolivia. There was a good turnout from the community to hear about the teams adventures. My favourite image was his description of a local wandering past their basecamp near a high mountain pass pushing a wheelbarrow. He had just popped over to Peru to trade some goods, or possibly even buy a wheelbarrow and was wandering home.

I got home and google searched the expedition finding a nice write up with maps (sort of) and photos from the American member of the expedition Alex Alexiades. Closer to home, Arthurs Pass guide Hamish Reid was the expeditions official webmaster and that site can be found here. Sounds like an area to add to the list. Dr Derek of Troppodoc was threatening to open up in Bolivia if so he might have some workers!


Bob McKerrow said...

Sounds like an fascinating lecture. What a beautiful part of the wolrd.

I was there 40 years ago as a 19 year old and valleys full of unclimbed and unmapped peaks.

Bring on the empty horses. 2 am. I cant sleep with these sleepless legs. I think I will try to become legless and then sleep.


Jamie said...

Hey Bob,

Take care man.

I struggle to come to grips with what you were doing as a 19 year old and the way we limp biscuit kids these days. Young people are so tough and adaptable if you challenge them.

I had a good year when I was 19. It started off with getting almost all of my possessions stolen when I was living out of a car. Then I went to Bulgaria and then finished the year off with a 30 day tramp in Kahurangi.

It was great to see the spirit of adventure shining through so much in the lecture last night. It can be hard to find amongst the dross (the dross I guess largely been in my head).

Get some sleep aye!