Saturday, August 30, 2008

Penang, a hop,skip and jump from Indonesia

We are now, albeit briefly in Penang, a Malaysian island just across the Straits of Malacca from Medan. The contrast couldn't be more obvious. While Medan is dirty, noisy and slightly threatening, Penang is the opposite. Very metropolitan, a melting pot of cultures. Arriving last night we found our character accomodation on the famous Chulia Street "Crystal Guesthouse and wanderred down into Little India to get an amazing Chilli Chicken and Claypot Beriyani. We have been blessed with great food in the last week.

Bangs on midnight, turned out to be an elaborate fireworks display, to celebrate Malaysia's national day (this was news to us but the fireworks were sure appreciated.

This morning we were up early to check out the sunrise over the Malaysia mainland and explore the centre of town. Stumbling upon a market netted us a delicious breakfast of pineapple, dragonberry and some peanut banana pancakes, mmmmm, waiting for the boat with the fruit and vegetables to visit Tello is becoming a distant memory!

This afternoon we head off to Thailand, for an even shorter stop. Before long I guess we will be in Europe. Take Care out there.

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