Monday, June 9, 2008

Karyn's Christening

Some of my favourite people: Aaron, Sara and Baby Karyn at Karyn's christening during February at the Arthurs Pass Chapel. They're off to Sweden now, Aaron via the Primal Quest in America. Friends dispersing over the world is a sad part of life these days.

The chapel at Arthurs Pass is a very spiritual place integrated into the surrounding bush with the light and sound flowing in from the bushy cascades through the nave.

I don't often notice many cultural differences with Sara (maybe its because I am blind to it!) but there is definitely an interesting different relationship between the Church and the people in Sweden, largely perhaps because the Church and the State were only seperated this century. Swedes like their religious ceremonies: "68 percent are baptised, 60 percent are married and 87 of funerals are held in church." even though less than 1% attend church regularly. I couldn't find the figures for NZ but would suspect despite much higher church attendances that the baptism (or christening) figure would be much lower...

A highlight ofthe ceremony apart from the smiling Karyn was Sara's brother in law Anders singing very well the traditional Swedish hymn's that go along with this occasion.

The christening and the gathering at the bach afterwards was a great occasion with a nice mix of family of friends who will be part of Karyn's community as she grows up. And also doubled as a celebration of Aaron and Sara and their relationship in lieu of the wedding in Sweden in September which many will be unable to attend. Good luck guys we'll miss you heaps.

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