Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lake Waikareiti

Last weekend we finally got to Lake Waikareiti! This little gem of a lake is just up above Lake Waikaremoana on a little plateau, its like a 45min walk and then if you get the keys for the dinghys from DOC an hour or so row to the hut on the other side. First thing we found out was that I suck at rowing...big took me a while to admit this but I've come to terms with it now. Lets just say there was a fair bit circling going on! The girls managed to get us across however. It was fun staying at the hut, there were seven of us so we had plenty of people for a good game of pictionary and then charades which was hillarious. Next day Penny and I went for a run into the bush from the hut, then we cruised back across the lake and home as the weather started to crap out

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